All The Leaves Are Brown….

conkerAnd the sky is grey …….. But …….. How pretty does everything look! There is something about the feel of a cold crisp autumn morning, that leaves me feeling strangely warm inside! The golden leaves crunching beneath your feet & those cute little maple seeds that fall like helicopters when you throw them in the air!

I love autumn!! …. alongside winter it is for me, one of the best seasons! Halloween & Bonfire night , Darker nights & conker fights….Plus that very valued extra hour in bed due to the clocks going back!

Not even the cold bothers me too much as I seem to be one of those people who feel the cold all year round ….when most people are too hot to sleep I’m there with the duvet snuggled up round my head oblivious to the late night mugginess (weird I know)

Lets face it though, when your a mum there are some pretty great reasons to love autumn:
Cosy jumpers …. Are we wearing what we wore to bed underneath … You will never know!
Woolly hats …..Running late hair isn’t a problem while doing the autumn school run!
Conkers …..There’s a rumour that by placing a few in your home,  they are supposedly meant to scare off spiders … whether its true or not …….winner!
Extra hour in bed: Nobody can complain about that!
And ….Coffee …. Flavoured Coffee ….no need to say more.

So as soon as the calendar turns to October I start to embrace that autumn feeling , Grab myself a cosy jumper, pop on a woolly hat & pop out to join the queue to add to the delicious, annual pumpkin spice latte trend


One thought on “All The Leaves Are Brown….

  1. I love the title and intro to this post. I’m going to have to listen to the song now ☺️

    I’ve never really been a fan of any season, but I am really enjoying autumn this year. I guess with 2 birthdays, 1 in October and 1 in November, Half term, Halloween and Bonfire night and prepping for Xmas. It all goes in a blur.

    This year I’m taking the time to notice the changes though. I think Autumn could become my new favourite season. That extra hour in bed is always needed!!!


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