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Baby Wipes ….. Not Just for Babies!

Nappies , bibs, bottles, baby clothes , baby baths ….there are so many things your baby will quickly outgrow and move on from but one product sticks around and plays a important roll in a mothers life ……. The baby wipes.
Never would you have known, pre pregnancy, that these little wet wipes would be so multi purpose! They have so many uses… not just for wiping bottoms!!

*As your child gets older the purpose of these wipes move on from wiping bottoms and go onto wiping sticky hands/handprints/noses/ muddy knees etc.
*They make amazing make up removers as they are intended for the gentle skin of a baby so are great for people who may be sensitive to some soaps or make up removal creams… You can actually buy 100% water wipes which are perfect for the most sensitive of skin types.wipe
*They are super for removing felt tip pen off certain surfaces inc leather sofas.
*They make great dashboard cleaners for inside the car so even the hubby will get use from them.
*Wrap one round your finger and you can get into the fiddly bits in-between venetian blinds without having to spend money on a special blind cleaner.
*Can’t find a dust cloth … Grab a baby wipe, the dust just sticks to them.. You will be amazed!wip

*The supermarket own brands are just as good as the top named brands so you don’t even have to spend a lot!
*For festival goers … Or kids camping trips etc where there is no access to showers …. Pack them in alongside your dry shampoo to keep you feeling fresh …as fresh as you can feel without a shower!
*Great for wiping down toys , without having to use chemical based products.
*Wipe down kids chalk boards leaving them fresh and clean ready for the next masterpiece.

There are endless uses for these little necessities, they are easy to carry about so you can use them on the go too!
If you have other uses for these wonder wipes please share them with me … What do you use yours for????

Honestly go grab a pack … Baby wipes are certainly NOT just for babies


5 thoughts on “Baby Wipes ….. Not Just for Babies!

  1. Love this so true. I use them for everything as you already know. Even for cleaning the dogs muddy paws saves dirtying a towel anything for less washing xxx


  2. I love me a good old baby wipe! I’ve used them to clean poop off shoes, clean uniforms when the kiddies somehow manage to get dirty before they have left the house, they are great for cleaning chalk boards too, when the little duster things have gone missing.

    Good post. Keep it up ☺️


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