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Boys Vs Girls

We’ve all heard the rhyme …..”Boys are slime and snails & puppy dog tails” …. “Girls are sugar and spice & all things nice”  right ??
“Boys are organised yet stubborn and as loving as can be” …… “Girls are little weapons of mass destruction in tutus”
This is my definition based on my children anyways.

Since becoming a mother of both genders I have found the difference between boys and girls quite interesting and to be honest a bit of an eye opener.

My son (now 8) is one of the most loving, caring little people with the kindest soul , yet he is as stubborn as an ox and takes after his dad in the laziness department.  Although a lover of football and bike riding etc ….He also goes against the “typical mud loving boy” stereotype, as he becomes a bit of a control freak when getting mud/ food on his hands etc. He looks after his clothes/belongings with great care and he has a fantastic personality. I wouldn’t change him for the world

My little girl (now 4) on the other hand , is one of the most fiery , hot headed , bad tempered little divas , who can switch from the most cuddly snuggly little princess to a complete toad in the flick of a switch ….. Although bursting with confidence she can be ever so shy , she’s helpful, witty and knows her worth, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and fits perfectly to her “Scorpio starsign” … I love everything about her diva-ish ways tyh

Obviously not all children are the same and there will be some people reading this thinking the complete opposite to what I’ve just described but this is based in my children and how they differ from the “Typical boy /girl” characteristics we all expect them to follow.
My darling daughter burps / farts and comes out with phrases you would expect to hear only from your drunken grandad at Christmas …. Where as my son, altho he still loves the usual rude jokes from the playground etc…. It’s mostly polite , calm and quite level headed.

After speaking with a few other mums…. It’s seems that others experience the same behaviour / personalities differences betweenboyg boys and girls.

So back to that rhyme ….. Is your boy really the one you would find playing with the slugs and snails ….. Or in reality ….. has his sister stolen them & let them loose in her dolls house!!

I  would love to hear your thoughts

4 thoughts on “Boys Vs Girls

  1. Growing up I was quite the tom boy loved camping and rugby, yet since growing up I’ve turned into what most would call a girly girl haha, although don’t get me wrong I still love camping / climbing trees etc haha. Never really played with barbies or anything either, who knows?


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