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Shhh ….. Don’t Wake Dad!!!

“Shhhhh daddy is asleep!” A well known phrase in my house! How is it that’s the adult version of the male species is incapable of staying awake for an entire day.

I spend all day, every day looking after two children … (3 including their dad when he gets in from work) making sure they’re clean, fed, off to school & after school clubs on time, kept happy and amused, I play referee to keep the sibling rivalry under control …I also have to keep the house tidy, wash the clothes etc, cook everyone’s meals …. tidy up after everyone …. a rare moment I find to sit and have an undisturbed cup of tea.

He on the other hand, granted he does go off to work everyday, (although I moan he could be a lot worse) ……but anyway, that’s about as tiring as it gets. Once his working day is over ….. he strolls in, tea is cooked for him, his clothes are all washed and ready , and he spends the rest of the evening winding down from his “busy day” …. this usually consists of a few hours undisturbed kip on the sofa!!!! Oblivious to the chaos around him.

Even after the busiest most tiring of days with the children that leave you feeling both mentally & physically exhausted (as all mums know these happen fairly often) I can honestly say I don’t recall EVER falling asleep on the sofa. Us mums just keep going, we never really switch off do we?  ..So what is it about being a man that’s so exhausting?? … I mean hell, there’s even a game out there aimed at children called “Don’t wake dad” …. can you imagine …. “Don’t wake mum, ..oh wait … she’s already awake, she has been all day … she’s cooking dad’s tea ready for when he wakes up from his afternoon nap!

4 thoughts on “Shhh ….. Don’t Wake Dad!!!

  1. Love this Kerri. It is so bloody true and especially if they are poorly !!!! And on that very rare occasion you try and have a lie down or 5 mins peace they make extra noise or come and ask you for help with something haha X

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  2. Fantastic post. I was laughing out loud to it. I am the mapper in our house but that’s because I am up at 6 everyday with the kids, where as he gets a lay on everyday. At weekends often till gone 11 #livingthedream I think I earn that nap ☺️

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    1. Thanks Cherie! Steven drives me nuts!! ….. I’m forever saying “This is the LIVING room” … to which he replies “I’m not dead” ….. True , but when your lying on my sofa resembling the dead …. you are closer than you think 😉 haha


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