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Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , **blink**  Monday ……

img_6970Seriously where do the weekends go and why is it that the days of the week beginning with the letter S go past in a hurried blurr.

Monday – Friday we carry out our weekday routine and everything seems to go by at a rather steady rate. Then the long awaited weekend arrives and it’s gone in the blink of an eye!

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re always on the go at weekends so don’t notice the time going by… Then again maybe not, as in our family we also seem to have a very busy schedule throughout the week and yet during those days …….I feel the drag

I know they say time flies when your having fun but seriously – Slow down already!!! There are only 7 weekends left before Christmas (yes 7!!!) and this mummy is not ready. Maybe I should write myself a little letter to dear old father Christmas, asking him to up his game and help me out as I may actually be relying on him this year! Don’t let me down (GULP)

If your reading this I would love you to share with me how you have been spending your time during this weekend. Or maybe even join me in writing your own post and use the #WeekendBlurr

4 thoughts on “#WeekendBlurr

  1. When ever anybody asks me what I did at the weekend I am absolutely stumped! Errrr… mind goes blank. Cleaning up, making dinner, doing some work, shopping, making cakes, playing with the little tyke…. totally goes by like a flash! xx


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