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To My First Born …

Your very first breath, Our very first touch
The moment I first held you
We’ve only just met, Yet we’ve been through so much
Its ok I’m kind of scared too

That memorable second I saw your face
The sweetest face I’d seen
To me you are sheer perfection
And everything In between

I was as new to this world as you were
It was all about me until now
I didn’t know how to be a parent
It was you that taught me how

As you learnt new things, I did too
Each day we developed together
You learnt about me as I learnt about you
Creating A bond that will last forever

As the baby days passed, the more you grew
When did you get so tall
I couldn’t be anymore more proud of you
So big …yet still so small

You taught me to love , you taught me to care
You made me the person I am
Your as special to me as the love that we share
No-one can love you as much as I can

Your kind, caring with a beautiful soul,
Through my eyes I wish you could see
No matter what you do or where you go in life
My baby you’ll always be

14 thoughts on “To My First Born …

  1. This was lovely to read and Tyler will love reading it when he is older. Your first born is so special, like you say, they teach you how to become a Mum.

    Beautifully written, I look forward to more poem-esque style blog posts.

    Keep up the great work.


    Liked by 1 person

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