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5 Reasons Why I Love Instagram…

When it comes to social media …. Instagram is up there in the top spot for me…. Here’s 5 reasons why I love the photo sharing app!

1) Picture Taking – Memory making:
Seriously though who doesn’t love looking through a photo album, reminiscing about all the fun times & reliving them through the photographs. The main thing I love about Instagram is that it’s basically an online, easy access photo album. A place to store & share little captures of your life through the tiny squares of a social media app ….. Genius 
2) All Hail Insta-fam:
So…… I can’t speak for all users , but most of the users that I interact with on Instagram are lovely, friendly people …. Willing to offer help and enjoy using the app alongside others. I have a small group of followers who I interact with on a daily basis, I share my ‘instalife’ with these people and they share theirs with me.  Most people seem friendly and willing to offer advice/support wherever its needed ….. Unlike on Facebook, where your likely to get your head bitten off for disagreeing with someone over their choice of toilet paper 🙄. It’s very rare I come across a heated debate on Instagram. #NoDramas
I even know some girls who have actually met up and become close friends. A friendship made by chance via coming across one another on a social media app

3) Inspiration Station:
Whether it be DIY tricks, home decor, beauty tips, healthy eating recipes , great book recommendations or even where to buy that perfect clothing item you’ve been after for ages …. Instagram is the place for inspiration. Most users who share their photos are also willing to share handy tips or advise you on where to grab a bargain Etc. There are also a wide variety of little online businesses offering beautiful, handmade bespoke items … What more could you want. Have you ever bought anything off an Instagram seller?
4) Filter Queen:
Let’s face it … We all love a filter right? Who doesn’t? Instagram comes with a great range of filters perfect for adding that little extra ‘jazz’ to your photos. You can even adjust the sharpness, warmth, brightness etc for that more appealing look. Your perfect photo slightly too dark …. Pop a filter on it ….. That shameless selfie needing an extra flawless finish…. Pop a filter on it. To be fair there are somedays we could all do with having a real life Valencia filter on us to make us feel more human!
instah5) Private Matters:
Ok so no social media site is totally safe to use. Unfortunately there are still people out there who think it’s ok to take and use other people’s photographs and pass them off as their own. But Instagram’s privacy settings appear to be much safer than other social media apps . My profile is set to private therefore only people who I accept and allow to follow me can see my posts, unlike over on Facebook where anyone who’s friends with anyone can end up viewing your post just because your aunties friends sister commented on it 😐.

So to all my followers both present and future …… wether you chose to post your favourite meal, the warming smile of your cheeky 4yr old, your weight loss progression photos or even your morning cup of tea , I am thankful to each and every one of you for choosing to share those little snippets of your life with me ….. #DoubleTapLove ❤

I would love to hear what you love most about Instagram??
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