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The Social Media Mask

Do you ever scroll through Facebook or Instagram and think, ‘Wow I wish my life was as stress free as theirs , or her home is so perfectly tidy & if only I had time to work out or get my hair done like she does’… The truth is , that person may not be as “perfect” as they appear to be. It may be a case of ‘The Social Media Mask’

Our everyday lives are often portrayed by what we post on social media … Sharing with the world little pieces of our lives through the carefully selected photos that we allow to make it onto our news feeds.  Nowadays it’s so easy to access photo editing material etc that we can hide behind the mask of our phones and computers. Using filtered images to hide those ever growing eye bags …. Nobody would ever know that you’ve been up all night nursing a nocturnal baby.

But how many people can say that their life is as amazing as it comes across on social media….. I imagine not many.

I once had somebody say to me “How do you keep your home so tidy , and have time to do your hair / make up everyday … You seem like you really have your life together”
Reality has it … Yes my house is kept tidy ….. But that’s mainly because I’m a bit of a control freak and I can’t stand to have clutter lying around … I’m a minimalist and I live by organisation.
My make up is done everyday as I have confidence issues without it … I could never just pop to the shops without applying my face first …..and my hair …. Let’s not get started on the ever annoying battle that my hair, is the only hair in the whole world that will not do anything I want it to do! Truth be told , while this person was admiring how “perfect” she thought my life was ….. I was admiring her , her ability to be able to leave the housework till tomorrow & being able to relax all evening without it bugging her so much she had to immediately go grab the Hoover. Or her confidence to be able to step out the house without a scrap of make up on her face.

Yet this same person also admitted that she is often made to feel insecure and unhappy by comparing herself to other people’s lives she sees on social media. Little happiness comes through comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy …. Why was this lady being made To feel “inadequate or not enough” ….When really she was more than enough …. Maybe even more than some of people she was comparing herself too online.

When choosing images to post on our feeds most of us look for the perfect moments. The photos that shows the family having a wonderful time together at the park feeding the ducks  ….We scroll through the Images posting only the best … Sharing that we’ve had an amazing day. When in reality …… The dog ran away , someone stood in the dogs poo , we were all freezing to the bone and the toddler was in full meltdown mode because who knew ducks could be so scary!!! These moments although very much a reality, These moments never surface. These are the moments that stay hidden ….. Deep down under the social media mask . Forever in our camera roll ……..Never to be found.


sign“Some images used from google”

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