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The Chri’stress’ Tree

Picture the scene:   A cold evening in December (okay okay late November 🙊)  The heating is on, there’s a scent of hot chocolate in the air , Christmas songs playing in the background and the family all laughing and smiling while decorating the Christmas tree
Sounds lovely right …..
Yea ….. Let’s snap back to reality. Instead, Yes we’re on a cold evening in late November but there’s no scent of hot chocolate, No perfect family giggling ….Instead there is the sound of absolute carnage!!! Fighting ….The annual shit storm over which child is putting the star on the top of the tree! The room looks like a bombs gone off and my stress levels are rocketing. The lights are tangled , the carpets covered in pines , The Christmas songs are really starting to grate on me & can someone turn the sodding heating off because I’m bloody boiling up!
Yes this wonderful time of the year is upon us again …… The decorating of the Christmas tree.

Don’t get me wrong …… I absolutely love everything Christmassy , I’m a total festive girl and I can’t wait for the most wonderful time of the year to be upon us so I can drag the decorations out the loft and let the chaos begin.
Some people reading this post may think ” Wow what’s your problem …. Pop up the tree and let the kids do the rest”. Easier said than done, I admit , as much as I love my children to the ends of the earth , there is nothing more stressful than watching an over excited child hanging 50 of the same coloured baubles in a little cluttered collection on only one side of the tree. Seriously kids …. SPACE THEM OUT!!!! 😩 I would love to say it doesn’t annoy me …. But I would be lying. I would also be lying if I was to say I don’t suffer from what they call P.O.P.D (Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder)
perfBut as soon as the tree is up, decorated by the children ….. And re arranged by me , (ok most of the decorating has also been done by me) I stand back and look … I look at this object that has caused me to almost crack open the wine and I suddenly feel all warm Inside. Then I look at my children’s faces … Their little eyes twinkling with the sparkling lights and just like that the stress is gone …….and I already can’t wait to do it all again next year


(p.o.p.d  Google image used)

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