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The Christmas Tag

With a cup of tea in hand I sat down for a little nosey at the recent posts uploaded by my favourite bloggers, when I came across a cute little Christmas themed Q&A post from the lovely Paige’s Paradise (If you don’t follow her …. you should and can here.) After reading through her answers I decided it would be fun to give it a go myself. As many of you may already know I am the biggest kid when it comes to all things Christmassy… I just cant wait to pull my first cracker of the season….. pop on a coloured paper hat and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Q1):What Is Your Favourite Christmas Movie/s? Ahh I loooove a Christmas film but I have 2 absolute favourites …. Elf & The Santa Clause …. I watch these films every single year and they never get old. Infact it isn’t really Christmas until I’ve seen both these films at least twice! I know both of them near word perfect and love everything about these funny festive favourites.ef

Q2: Do You Open Your Presents On Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning? Christmas Eve??? What?? Who does that?? Santa hasn’t even been!!! Christmas morning for definite. I usually wake up way too early …even before the kids! We all go downstairs, check that Santa has enjoyed his cookies & milk and then we let the fun of the present unwrapping begin. pre

Q3: Do You Have A Favourite Christmas Memory? Honestly I couldn’t choose just one. I have so many amazing memories of some amazing Christmas days I had as a child that it would be impossible to pick just one. Each year I enjoy making more with my own children.

Q4: Favourite Festive Food: Omg there is no better food than Christmas food! I am a right pig every year and I’m not even sorry….. not one bit! I love all the festive flavoured Coffees, the yummy nibbles & chocolately goodness that Christmas brings ……but i would say ….My all time favourite has to be the Traditional Turkey Dinner with alllll the trimmings! cofff.png

Q5: Favourite Christmas Gift: As we get older the things we really want for Christmas can’t be bought. Spending Christmas Day with the people I love most. Seeing the happiness on my children’s faces. Watching them experience the magic of Christmas every year is priceless and for me these are the best gifts I could ever want in my life.

Q6: Favourite Christmas Scent: Spiced Apple …. Or anything along those lines! With Christmas comes all kind of wonderful flavoured and scented things! Whether it be coffee or candles I begin to surround myself in a little Wintery Scented Haze & I love it!!spi.png

Q7: Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions? YES! Its all part of then fun! I actually have plans to write a post in the next few weeks all about our Christmas Eve traditions so I wont go into too much detail about them now but for me, Christmas Eve is even more exciting than Christmas day itself!! We have lots of traditions in our house ……From Christmas eve boxes to the slightly embarrassing dance we do to the theme tune of The Snowman (its for the kids honestly) …. Keep your eyes peeled for the post all about them soon!

Q8: What Tops Your Tree? This year we have a glittery silver star to fit with the white & silver theme we have for our tree. The same star that causes the annual argument over who’s turn it is to place it on the top… Each child claiming it was the others turn last year!

Q9: As A Kid What Was The One (Crazy, Wild, Extravagant) Gift You Always Asked For And Never Received?? I don’t think I can answer this question properly as I can’t remember ever asking for anything quite that extravagant……. Maybe I was a boring child.

Q10: Whats The Best Part Of Christmas For You? You guessed it …..Being a mummy. Honestly, when your a child you don’t think Christmas could possibly get any better but Christmas becomes totally amazing when you become a parent yourself. You almost get to relive that childhood excitement, that magical feeling of Christmas eve trying desperately to get to sleep before Santa arrives!! Seeing my children experience Christmas is the best part for me. My parents always made our Christmas days special and If my children grow up remembering their Christmases to be anywhere near as amazing as I remember mine as a child …….then I will be one happy girlsan

If your reading this & would like to play along I would love to read your answers!






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