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If Its Yours ….. Its Mine!

Something I’ve noticed since becoming a mother ….. nothing and I mean nothing is solely your own!
Before becoming a parent, pretty much everything you own is yours , unless of course you chose to share it. But once your child hits say …. 12months – nothing is safe!

Food: That chocolate bar you’ve been thinking about all day ….. you finally open the wrapper and lift the chocolatey goodness to your lips and your met with a small face pleading for a piece. A face resembling that of puss in boots when he’s trying to win shrek over, and all of a sudden you find yourself giving away the one treat you saved for yourself. That one treat that’s kept you going all day!
Everyday Essentials: From Your hairbrush your trying to untangle from the matted mane that was once the rapunzels hair, to Your brand new lip balm which is now featuring a toddler sized finger hole right down to the silver casing, these things are no longer your own. They will find them and they will wreck them! vas

Home Décor: Although most parents usually tell their children they are not allowed to touch certain decorative items or ornaments around the home, in risk of them being broken … there are sometimes these little sneaks strike while your not looking …. and before you know it ….. your beloved willow tree figure is spotting a child style make over!


The Phone / IPad: Pre children these items contain a variety of handy apps ranging from social media to music downloads to weight loss trackers … all the apps you may need with plenty of space for more!
Post children….. you find yourself with pages and pages of child friendly apps (half of which are no longer played on) and your beloved calorie counter is now being deleted in replace for space to download peppa pigs painting studio!

So as we hide in the darkness of the kitchen cupboard scoffing the last malteaser miniature hero into our mouth in a silent race to get it eaten before someone discovers our hiding place …. we look back ….. we look back at the days where things stayed where we originally put them. Where nothing had the trace of sticky hand prints all over it, Everything was free from stickers and we even got the entire bed to ourselves!! Would we change anything about how our lives are now?? Of course we wouldn’t , because as much as these noisy little property thiefs drive us mad ….. let’s face it, life would be pretty damn miserable without them! Xx


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