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The Gingerbread House! (Aldi Gingerbread House Review)

If there’s one thing I dread, its the weekly food shop. Trudging down the aisles trying to get it done as painlessly and in as little time as possible. But last week during our weekly shopping trip I saw something that made me smile ….. The cutest little gingerbread house to take home and decorate! It accidently fell into the trolley.

We decided to save it for the weekend when we had no plans, So today was the day we decided to decorate it. This particular gingerbread house came from Aldi and comes in a cute little box with carry handle. At under £5…. It comes with everything you need to decorate it. Each kit contains …. One Gingerbread house, One pack of smartie style sweets, One pack of gummy bears & One piping bag of icing …. It also comes with easy instructions printed on the side of the box. The house itself its as cute as can be & features a little gingerbread man and Christmas tree too … Making it extra appealing to children!


Decorating it was easy to do, the children could quite easily have done this by themselves, I helped them with the piping while they added the coloured sweets to make it their own. The sweets stuck to the icing really well & there was plenty to go around them both …. great for avoiding squabbles!!!  You could also add other yummy extras that you may have around the house to make it extra delicious!
The icing set quite quickly and once it was finished it looked great!   We added a little gold star to  the top of the Christmas tree (non edible so will be removed before eating)
Both kids said how much they enjoyed decorating this …. and how much they cant wait to eat it! …. It is so cute it almost seems a shame to eat ……. almost!  Here is our finished result!
If your looking for a cute little festive activity to do with your children this Christmas ….. Pop down to Aldi & pick one of these up!!
Check them out online here



15 thoughts on “The Gingerbread House! (Aldi Gingerbread House Review)

  1. Looks great, I might go and see if they have any left. I saw some similar in Lidl, but didn’t get one then either. The one I had last year was from Tesco, and like the comment abound mentioned, you had to stick all the sides together and they didn’t hold very well so it was an it pants.

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  2. Supercuts! I know I’m late to the party, but my teens and I made the Trader Joe’s houses. (Actually we made the Halloween one and the White House one and the Christmas one.) They all had to be assembled which was hilarious and challenging but fun. However, I love this for smaller ones. Decorating was by far the most fun part.

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