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The Post Christmas Blues.


Anyone who loves Christmas will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that right now, on boxing day evening… I am suffering the annual post Christmas blues. Along with the joy, warmth & love that comes with Christmas there is the shock reality & pure sadness that the day we have been preparing for, the day that we have anxiously awaited for the past month or so …. is over…. over for another full year!

Denial hits ….. how can it be over already? How can a whole day go by so fast? One minute we were eagerly rushing down the stairs, bursting through the door to see if Santa had been, and before we know it, the presents are all open, the food has been demolished , the family are leaving and I’m stood here, in my living room which now resembles Toys R Us, in total denial that it will be another 365 days before we do this all again.
I can’t be the only one that spends every Christmas night in a self pity party. Sat in my new PJs,  wine in hand and crying into large box of half eaten celebrations thinking what am I even crying for? Is it the fact that my favourite time of the year is nearing the end, or is it the overwhelming feeling of pure joy that we’ve had yet another perfect day and I’m so blessed to be able to spend it with the people I love most…. I’m thinking a mixture of both. (Please tell me I’m not alone …other people do this too right?)

So in just few days the house will start to regain order, the decorations will be boxed up and shoved back in the attic … The Christmas films will slowly start to vanish from our TV sets and we will have a whole new year on our hands. Another 360+ days that need fulfilled, and although I am sad see the holidays go I’m sure the upcoming year will be full of things to look forward to.  So as I’m morbidly cleaning up the last remains of the festive period, out of the corner of my eye I see a tiny speck of glitter ….. The same glitter that fell off a cracker pulled between my children at the Christmas dinner table, & I smile….. Although Christmas may be over in a flash…. we are reminded of all the wonderful memories we make on that special day ………….all year round.

9 thoughts on “The Post Christmas Blues.

  1. I love that you feel like this, I guess it shows how special this time of year is for you.

    I am the opposite. I can’t wait to remove every trace of Christmas. Boxing Day for me brings the last few days to prepare for the New year! I’ve been know. To take the Christmas Tree down on Boxing Day morning.

    This year has been a little different as we had a lovely day at the Father in laws and his Wife’s yesterday. Today we are off for another family meal.

    My house is completely upside down and I can’t wait to get properly stuck into cleaning it tomorrow. I want to start the NY with a lovely clean and clutter free house… I really could use another week, lol.

    I hope the wine helps with the Post Christmas Day blues and just remember every day passing brings us closer to the next one ☺️


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  2. I am 100% with ya! It was so quiet here on Dec 26th. Quite sad! We had a surprisingly good Christmas; we spent it with in-laws while my parents visited my sister, so it was very different, but it turned out well. Those new memories helped the Christmas glow spread a bit. I like to keep the decorations up a bit to pretend Christmas is still happening! I hope you have a nice New Years to balance out the holidays!

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  3. It’s definitely a massive build up, and like that it’s done. I wish it would wind down slowly so we have time to comprehend and comes to terms with the fact it’s ending. But no, ‘oh look Christmas is done, and onto new year’ I’m not a massive fan of new year to be honest, but Christmas I love and I think my feelings will grow even more as Thea becomes older.

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