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Chocolate Is Yum… But Books Are Fat Free!

Anyone who knows me will know that I love to read. Nothing quite beats snuggling down under a duvet after a long day , with a good book in hand and getting lost in the story.
For me, reading is my way of relaxing, winding down after a busy day of being a mummy. My time to switch off the worries and stresses of the day and just focus on one thing …. the black and white print on the pages in front of me.

Ever since I was a child I have always loved to read, I remember lying in my room surrounded by the full collection of R.L.STINE’S Goosebumps, Infact I still remember the stories today! As I have grown, my love for books has stayed with me and I’ve gone on to read all kinds of books from all kinds of authors. My favourites being cutesy romance style stories, Yes I’m a sucker for a happy ending, but then just lately I have also found myself enjoying the anticipation from the storyline of a good thriller… (Maybe this is my inner child crying out for more copies of Goosebumps)


So whats not to love about reading?

As soon as were able to talk we are able to read, its a life skill most of us are taught from a very early age. A skill each and every one of use daily without question. As we sit down with our morning cuppa, we read the latest headlines in the paper,  as we tuck our children into bed at night we read them their favourite bedtime stories, and as you sat here reading my blog right now, you are using this skill …….Reading is a gift you can use again and again.

Reading is not only relaxing but its also exercise for the mind ….. I mean seriously …… who doesn’t like the sound of being able to exercise while staying snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket & a hot chocolate. Brain exercise is still exercise right?? 😉

With todays technology you can read pretty much anytime anywhere , with the use of Kindles or Ibooks, you can take your favourite character alongside you on your day to day lifestyle …. checking into the next chapter during your 30min lunch break.
But personally I prefer a good old fashioned paper back. No technical device can compare to the smell an feel of a new book and lets face it ….. a book never runs out of batteries!

From the moment we open a book … we allow ourselves to escape the hustle and bustle of our own busy lives and sink into a world where our imagination portrays what we see written on the pages ….. no book is the same to two people …. as no two imaginations are the same.

So stop what your doing (after reading this post of course). Pop the kettle on and go grab a book. Whether it be your old favourite, with pages all crumpled as you’ve read it a thousand times, or a crisp, fresh book with a brand new story just waiting for you become fixated. Open the page, Begin the chapter, Allow yourself some “me time” because remember ….. Sometimes Reading can be all the therapy you need.



28 thoughts on “Chocolate Is Yum… But Books Are Fat Free!

  1. I used to absolutely LOVE reading, I starting reading from a very young age and just loved to pick up a book and read all day. I’ve lost the motivation to read recently with all the technology that’s about which is disappointing. I have a list of a few books I want to read so I definitely need to get lost in a really good book soon. Although saying that we have bought plenty of books for Joseph which I can’t wait to start reading at bedtime. X

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    1. I hope you manage to find some time to enjoy a good book again soon! Although reading to little ones can be just as fun! Xx
      I know what you mean about Technology …. it can be very distracting xx
      If you manage to get round to reading your books , let me know what you thought about them. I’m always up for a good recommendation Xx

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  2. Haha snap I used to read Goosebumps too forgot about those classics! I’m sure my fave one was called Say Cheese about a camera that takes pics that turn out strange. I used to read mainly Enid Blyton books and use to love going to book shops to add more to my collection still got them all in the loft. here’s to our slice of leash xxxxx

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  3. I love to read and lately haven’t been able to do much of it. There’s nothing like curling up to a good book in bed after a long day. I can’t do ebooks either, it has to be an actual book in my hands…Nothing better! I might have to set some time aside now and get back to reading. Any recommendations?

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  4. I second this! I am a HUGE reader also! I find that blogging limits my reading time, actually, but I’m trying to balance everything (my goal for 2017, actually). Nothing is better than escaping into a wonderful world of a book, right? I never want a good book to end!
    Great post and descriptions!

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  5. I love Goosebump books and took them on holiday with me every year. I had two favourites, but one of them escapes my memory now. I think the other one was based on Phantom of the Opera, but again I could just be making that up lol. I really want to read the Harry Potter series again, and I also have a amateur book series on my kindle I need to finish, which is urban fantasy lol. I watch a lot of shows that are sci-fi. Old favourites like Buffy, Charmed. Newer ones like Arrow, so it’s only natural I like those kind of books. I’ve also read a lot of Nicholas Sparks if I’m feeling like a blubber. However, since Thea I’ve hardly read. I don’t have a good time with her at night and find by the time she’s gone to bed and between me going to bed I only have about and hour and a half to myself, so sadly reading gets pushed aside 😔

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      1. Yes, I love the Notebook film but was pleasantly surprised by the book and the bits they couldn’t squeeze into the film. I remember having a good cry when it said that one of Noah and Allies children had died. I like The Time Travellers Wife as well.


      2. Not read that one, I will add it to my list actually! I also enjoyed “The Last Song” …. watched the film … cried like a baby! haha ….. One of my fave books of all time though is “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes …. The film is also perfect x

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      3. It’s a good one. The film is good too. If you’ve seen those films you’re probably getting that I’m a Rachel McAdams fan lol. I haven’t read or seen either of those so I’ll look into it. X

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