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But First …… Tea

image5Milky, Sugary, Black, Green or Herbal, No matter how you drink it ….. A simple cup of tea can bring a smile to even the unhappiest of faces & cheer up the baddest of moods …… It’s kinda like a hug in a cup!

When I was younger I remember watching my mum standing by the kettle …..thinking to myself, how can anyone drink that many cups of tea in one day! It is only now over the years that I finally understand her love for the humble brew.
You know, I don’t even remember when I started drinking tea. Its like I just woke up one day and suddenly tea was a part of my life. (Guess that’s when you realise your a real grown up hey?)
Over the years, Tea has become a part of my daily routine! Every day starts with a cup …. Its normality infact.
Throughout the day the kettle calls:
When my mum & I are together ….. We drink tea
When my friends & I are together …. we often go to a little tea room and you guessed it … We drink tea.
I also spend pretty much every afternoon with my best friend, putting the world to rights over a hot cup of tea……We daily sit round her dining room table, 90% of the time chatting about the same conversation topics we had already been discussing earlier that day via WhatsApp messenger. Yet we never have a dull moment, we never get bored and there is always tea involved. As sad as it sounds….. we love it.
For anyone who follows my Instagram, you will also know that nothing makes a good photo ….like a lovely cup of tea. #TeaAddict

According to the wonderful world of the internet …. The British drink more than 60 billion cups of tea a year. Most parents are sat reading this thinking, ” I drink that by myself alone …. or at least attempt to (excluding the millions of cups that go cold due to our demanding offspring)”

So why do we love tea so much? The reason I believe is …. Because Tea is the universal medicine.
Your having one of the worst days possible, the kettle boils, the tea is brewed and the stress levels reduce …even if only a little.
You get home after being stood for over an hour in the Baltic temperatures of your sons football match, irate & concerned you may never feel your fingers again … The Tea hits your lips, you start to defrost & calmness is restored.
You’ve spent 20hrs + in the excruciating pain that is labour…. The grumbling feelings of not knowing (or caring) when you last ate or drank are now lost in the blissful moment of you and your newborn child ….. The midwife appears with a hot mug of tea ….. & It goes straight to your soul
Tea can solve a number of issues …. Tea understands.

Because where there is tea …… There is happiness.
And lets face it ……. No matter how busy and full our lives may seem,

There is always room for more happiness & there is always more time for tea!

20 thoughts on “But First …… Tea

  1. We couldn’t live without tea our afternoons together wouldn’t be the same haha. Plus there is no other drink that goes better with a biscuit or slice of cake. It is definitely also the best thing in the world after labour as weird as it sounds. As a matter of fact I have just been to my mums in my pjs to steal some teabags Hahaha xxx

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  2. I love all your beautiful teacup pics! I like the idea of drinking tea. The cute cups, the warmth, the sipping, the blankets & sweaters (cause that’s how I imagine it, lol). But every time I’ve had tea, with the exception of a summer I spent in Egypt, I’ve found it tastes like warm water, and just a tiny bit of flavor! I’ve never been able to make it strong enough! Any tips? I have no idea how they fixed it in Egypt!

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  3. Kerri,

    I just wanted to comlliment you on your blog. It is so beautiful (wouldn’t expect anything less from yourself). It’s clean, pretty and elegant. It’s grown up and fun. I love how you don’t take yourself too seriously.

    I don’t really drink tea anymore since I have up sugar, coffee is my jam now. I completely agree with the sentiment that tea/coffee can create many memories and just the action of taking that first sip can help you begin to relax.

    Beautiful writing as always xxx

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