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Welcome To The World Of Worryhood.

When you become a parent, friends & family gather round to swoon over the new bundle of joy & congratulate you on becoming a mother. Welcome to the world of ‘Mummyhood’ …….. What this should really say is Welcome to the world of ‘Worryhood’
The day your baby enters the world he/she brings with them a whole new meaning to the word worry. Us parents start to suddenly over think things, go over all kinds of scenarios that never would of crossed our minds pre baby!

We worry ….. Is baby ok? Is he/she healthy? Content with how I’m parenting? …. Oh god parenting, am I doing it right? Is there even a right way to do it? Has my baby had enough to eat? How do I know if she/he is full? Why is he crying? He must still be hungry! Is he hurt? Am I changing his nappy enough? Or maybe I’m doing it too much?
Why is he wakening through the night? What’s is wrong with him? Why do I feel like crying? What’s wrong with me? Why am I worrying? Am I the only one feeling this way?

Most parents will admit that these are the type of thoughts that we go over and over daily in our heads as we take on the journey of bringing up baby.
The part of this wonderful rewarding journey that nobody warns you about.
But truth be told, worrying is very much a part of parenting. A part of parenting that never gets outgrown, & we as parents never move on from the worry.

Yes as your child gets older , you start to think less about the previous worries that have been popping up over the past few months (relief hey) …. but ahh don’t get ahead of yourself just yet …… because with every new birthday your child celebrates, along comes a brand new set of worries for you too!! (yay! *sigh*)

One of my biggest worries as a parent (aside from the health of my children… but that goes without saying) Is ….. Am I enough? Are my children happy? Am I a good enough mum? Your probably reading this thinking “Mine too”, Infact I think I can speak for every single mother out there. Every one of us questions our own parenting at some point (In my opinion …anyone who tells you otherwise is either heartless or lying). We are our own biggest critics. We compare ourselves to other parents, thinking ‘How can they be so calm & so in control ….. when I’m sat here slowly losing my shit’
Answer: Deep down we’re all losing our shit …… some people are better at hiding it than others!!

“Rest easy, real mothers. The very fact you worry about being a good mum, means that you already are one”

So listen up all you Mumma’s ….. Go easy on yourself , Give yourself  a break! Stop beating yourself up because you haven’t managed to get the washing done today, or because your kid had chocolate for a snack instead of fruit, or that sometimes …. just sometimes, mummy reaaallllly does need that wine!!!
Take 5 minutes …. do one big silent scream, then hold your head high and have faith in yourself. And every time you feel like you’ve failed, look into the eyes of your little one, the one person who loves you, regardless of all your imperfections & remember to that tiny human ….. you have no imperfections ….. to that tiny human you are nothing short of perfection.

High 5 mummies ….. You got this! 🙌


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15 thoughts on “Welcome To The World Of Worryhood.

  1. Kerri

    Once again a beautiful piece that captures the essence of Motherhood so very well. I think from time to time we all need to hear we are enough. That we have got this! You put it beautifully and as always elegantly. I love the way you write. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Cherie x

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  2. SO true! I struggle with the concept of mommy worrying… I’ve always been easygoing, but being a mom has made me worry about things, and it sometimes upsets me because I don’t want to become anxious (I have an anxious MIL, and I’d love to avoid being like that … though otherwise she’s perfectly lovely). I think worrying about our kids is healthy because – as you pointed out – it means we’re good mothers and care about them enough to worry about them! As long as it’s not unhealthy worries – ie we can talk through the worry, solve a problem, and move on – then it’s okay. And if it drives us to be better moms, all the better!

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  3. It’s always unbelievably reassuring to know you’re not the only one worrying about these things! Whenever I see a calm parent I’m always wondering if they are screaming and panicking inside the way I feel I would be in their position! xx

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