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Kids Make My Life The Best Kind Of Busy

image2So its a fact that my children have better social lives than me, infact right now it seems everyone has a better social life than me!! But in all honesty …. I don’t mind too much. These are the sacrifices we make when we become parents.

When it comes to filling out my weekly calendar, mine and the other half’s sections are looking rather sparse. The majority of the calendar is filled with arrangements for the youngest members of my family.
From swimming and dancing, to football and cub scouts, between them the little ones have an after school hobby every night of the week. Along with daily school activities …it makes for a very busy life.

I used to find myself getting forgetful about who was meant to be where and when and also keeping track of payments for all the different clubs.
I now keep a weekly organiser on the wall in the kitchen where every member of the family has their own section to keep track of what’s what. The Emma Bridgewater Family Planner has been my best friend for the past few years ….. I highly recommend it, plus just like all the EB products ……its super pretty!
I also have these little notepad/diaries which are really handy for keep track of payments, which is great if your like me …. who often forgets! Organisation is key!

Right now we don’t have a day where there isn’t somewhere, someone needs to be, I know to some this sounds like a nightmare of stress, but it has become the norm for us now. Both kids love the activities they participate in (with the exception of my son and his swimming lessons …. he isn’t too keen on continuing these now he can swim.)
I’m glad that my children have hobbies where they can both learn new things and most of all ….enjoy them, and although it means were always on the go, I am more than happy for them both to continue with their hobbies for as long as they feel they would like to. Lets face it …….. I  would much rather them be out dancing or playing football than stuck at home, face glued to a TV screen or an electrical device until bedtime.

When it comes to my children …. There is no such thing as “Too Busy” ….. Instead we make time for the things that are important to them.

So on that note …… I best be off as we have swimming lessons in an hour!

12 thoughts on “Kids Make My Life The Best Kind Of Busy

  1. I need a mummy diary planner! I’ve always grabbed and organised mum one in the sales but our little calendar club stall closed early this year! They are super expensive full price so I’m going to have to find another for now me thinks. xx

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  2. Love the planner. So much easier. Luckily I only have Dylan in after school clubs and his guitar is in school time. But once the other two get bigger it will be a lot buiser. Won’t matter though I don’t have a social life now Hahaha xx

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