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Console Yourself

“Turn off the Xbox”……. 4 words that are guaranteed to wipe the smile off my 8yr olds (almost 9yr olds) face.
Yes, as soon as these 4 simple little words have left my lips …… they can turn the sweetest of moods into a whirlwind of grumpiness that can last beyond eternity (or until the Xbox is allowed to be switched back on at least)

What is it about these machines?? They seem to suck our children in to a time consuming world that is so hard for them to come out of.
I remember as a child playing on the Sega Mega Drive, or the Original PlayStation, but never once do I remember becoming so enthralled in the game that my life crashed around me when it was time to turn it off haha!!
Are todays youngsters addicted to games consoles??? Maybe.

I totally understand that times have changed and in todays society its all about technology and gaming, but really … surely there’s more to life!
There are some days where my son is allowed to play his Xbox for an hour or so (We tend to set a time limit otherwise he would literally sit and play all day , forgetting to eat, pee etc) During this time, he is happy, he is content but most of all he is transfixed …. staring at the screen in a Fifa based trance. After the hour has passed and its time for him to return from the depth of the gaming hole he’s been absorbed into,  ….he is grumpy, he is touchy and for the next 15mins or so he is totally unaware of how to deal with basic life, walking around the house in a way that can only be described as a pissed off zombie, grunting and scowling at anyone who looks in his direction. As you can imagine this isn’t fun for anyone!! Am I in the wrong for taking him from his beloved game?? I don’t think so but it certainly feels that way sometimes.

Although I do give him time to play his games ……I personally have chosen to not allow my son to sit infront of a console for hours and hours at a time. I would much prefer that he is busy playing something else (non technology related) , playing football in the garden or even talking my ear off about “Match Attax, Cars or the new (but terrible) craze that is ‘Dabbing’ and ‘Bottle Flipping!!
Although on the otherhand I do totally understand why some parents give in. They tire of listening to the endless moaning & grief that children present in order to go back and play these games, and allow their children to sit for hours and hours at a time just for an easy life.
Do my choices make me a mean mummy for not allowing him to play as long as some of his friends do??
Personally in this case I look at it as “Be Cruel To Be Kind” …… Sitting eyes glued to a screen for that long cant be good for anyone , therefore I shall take my title of “Mean Mummy” and wear it with pride and remind him to thank me for it when he’s older and realises there is far more to life than building castles in a pixelated world while listening to mind numbing background music that could drive even the sanest person to drink!!


Does anyone else have to deal with the post Xbox / PlayStation grumpiness???

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12 thoughts on “Console Yourself

  1. Yep couldn’t agree more. It’s Dylan’s favorite thing. We have a time limit as well at weekends and he isn’t allowed it throughout the week. Only making an exception of a friend comes to play. So yes I too am a mean mummy and proud haha xx

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  2. You are not a mean mom! Nathanael is almost 3 and has gotten the exact same way with watching a show. We generally would just let him watch the Jesus movie or a Bible movie in the morning, and then MAYBE a short show after his nap & before dinner. But lately he started throwing tantrums when we turn it off–like hour long tantrums! So we completely stopped letting him watch ANY shows at all. LOL. I just think if that’s how he’s acting, it can NOT be good for his mental development! (I’m the mean mom….)


  3. Kerri

    This is a topic that I have been thinking about recently. We’re not really sure how it happened but our boys spend so much time in front of screens.

    Our eldest who is the same age as Tyler was playing for hours and hours especially at weekends. He has issues with anxiety amongst other problems.

    Recently we have started limiting the amount of time he can play. He now has days he isn’t allowed on at all (2 days per week). We are going to create a chart for him so he will know what is expected/allowed.

    We are now trying to limit his screen time overall, we are trying to encourage other activities. Once you are in the habit it is hard to break for both parent and child.

    However we all know there will be nothjng but benefits. I do not think you are a mean Mummy, I admire you for sticking to your guns about this. I wish I had. Technology and screens can have a great effect on the children, but it has to be monitored.

    We aren’t where we want to be, but at least we are taking steps there now. Thanks for sharing this post x

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  4. I feel you!!!!!
    As a mum whose child has autism and his only release/happy time is to spend it gaming , its catch 22 in our house!
    He plays games too much, drives me mad, but if I cut his time on it, we have world war 3 in meltdowns etc!
    I dislike he spends so much time in front of a tv, but we have learnt to compromise a little these days, he’s allowed to go on it as long as he gets out for a walk every day and has a break every so often ….

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