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Self Acclaimed Shopkins Addict

A few weeks back,  my 5yr old daughter decided she would like to join the many other children & start collecting the (Slightly Weird) yet wonderful toy craze – “Shopkins”.

So after receiving “Star Of The Week” at school,  as a little treat I took her to buy her the start of her collection. Off to the shops we go, with strict instructions to buy “Season 6 -Chef club Shopkins” ….. (who knew there were 5 other seasons of these things!) Once at the shop, we buy what’s known as “Blind Jars” & with one excited daughter in tow, we set off for home.

These “Blind Jars” priced around £2.99 contain 2 mystery Shopkins, so you don’t know which little character you are about to unwrap! EXCITING!! Surprisingly I found myself slightly more excited than she was!! That’s ok though right? Right!

The first additions to her collection were “Iris Icing Sugar” & “Timmy Tomato Paste”. These little things are C.U.T.E!!! Basically, for anyone that may have not have seen Shopkins …… they are miniature versions of regular shop bought items, There are hundreds to collect and have categories from Common to Limited Edition. The Chef Club Shopkins are all food items …. and to top it all off they each have their own unique name which is equally as cute as they are!

So over the weeks as her collection grew, these little dudes just got cuter & cuter with each jar opened! I am as eager as she is to see who we (yep we) have unwrapped and added to the collection!

Then, when I thought that they couldn’t get any better , I find out that there is also an app for your iPhone & Ipad. An app where you can scan the little barcode patch that is printed on each Shopkin, and they are added to an online collection book! You can also play Shopkin based games and unlock more Shopkins, which are automatically added to your online collection! So I download the app …… and who’s hooked ….. Yep me! This is ridiculous. I am almost 30yrs old and I am sat playing games aimed at 5yr olds and getting overly excited about unlocking more and more of these little critters!
Although he will kill me for saying it, my “totally cool” 9yr old son is also playing this on his tablet, even though he pretends he is only using it as a time waster game ……. I believe otherwise!

So there we have it, at the age of 29 years old, I am admitting that I am officially addicted to Shopkins & do you know what ….. I’m not even ashamed to say so!
I mean come on, you have probably fallen in love with them just from reading this blog post!

Are there any other mummies out there brave enough to admit their Shopkin guilty pleasure???


Shopkins app cover photo used in this post.


13 thoughts on “Self Acclaimed Shopkins Addict

  1. Love this post! My 6 year old son and 4 year old girl wants them so I might be joining you in the shopkins addiction very soon haha they are super cute! I didn’t realise you could scan them in to an app though that’s pretty cool. I have a Furby app on my phone, for my little girl (but I play it more than her 😂) where you hatch eggs and you collect different types of furbies x

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