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The Blogging Block


Creeps in ………

Hello ….. Its quiet here, and yep I’m totally to blame!! I apologise for my lack of posts recently. I’m not entirely sure what has happened to my blogging mojo! I am telling myself its because I’ve been too busy living life to the full, but in all honesty I fear I have been hit with some sort of writers block.
Before Christmas I had a whole load of blog worthy material that I feel was worth writing about, but it seems that 2017 has swooped in and stolen all my writing motivation & I’ve been relying on the monthly Treatbox arrival to keep me in blog posts!!

So …. its 7:00pm on a drizzly Sunday evening, both children have been fed, showered, homework completed & are now playing quietly (how long this may last I am unsure….. I’ve probably just jinxed it in fact) and I am sat here writing a post which has absolutely no meaning other than to explain why I have been absent. It will probably be the most boring blog post ever written …. but I felt like I needed to explain.
Although I haven’t been posting as much as usual,  I have tried to keep up with my regular followers , popping by and having a quick read of your posts when I can ….. I always try & drop everyone a “like” even if I don’t get time to comment. I am glad to see that the bloggers block that has invaded me isn’t catching, as I really enjoy reading all your posts!

I’m hoping that my blogging voice returns soon and I am back to regular posting, but in the meantime ….. if there is anything you would like to hear me write about please feel free to leave me a comment.

THANKYOU all for continuing to follow me during these boring, uninspiring,  un-updating (not sure that’s even a word) times, you’re all super! xx


23 thoughts on “The Blogging Block

  1. Sometimes it just happens! I hear ya…. Thanks for reading other posts though – sometimes that can inspire you to write about things from another angle or dig deeper into a subject. In the meantime, enjoy some peace and quiet! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on your nominations. I read the post above.

    I’ve had/have blogging block too. It will come back don’t worry. You could do a 20 or 50 questions type post to find out more about you?

    Look forward to seeing more of your posts (I’m back on bloglovin’ – your post via email subscription we’re going into my trash folder…. grrrr)

    Cherie || Mymamamusings

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  3. Thank you so much.

    I’m still playing around with it; but I really like it too. It is taking time to get used it it. It is so different from the previous style.

    Cherie || MY MAMA MUSINGS

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  4. Perfectly normal! Sometimes I don’t know what to write, sometimes I’m just not in the writing mood and sometimes I just need a break from technology.


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