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Mother’s Day Madness

Of all of the gifts life has to offer, nothing quite beats being a mother.

So it’s Mother’s Day. A day for all us mummies to put our feet up and relax, a day where all our hard work that we endure on a daily basis can be appreciated, and a day, where for once, we might hear the words “daddy” more than “mummy” on more than one occasion.
But in the harsh reality, 9 times out of 10 this relaxing Mother’s Day we speak of……doesn’t happen.
I know I shouldn’t whinge, as I do have two wonderful, perfect, healthy children who I love to the end of the earth and wouldn’t change an inch of,  but sometimes (just sometimes) Mummy could do with a little day where she doesn’t have to be at everyone’s ‘Beck & Call.
So if I was allowed to visualise my Mothers Day…… then this is how I imagined it to be:
7:40am Alarm wakes me (yes I was prepared to be up this early as my daughter has dance class just after 10am and we have to fit breakfast etc in before that)
8:00am Breakfast and a nice hot cup of tea (not made by me) while I relax & get ready. Flowers, chocolates and homemade cards handed to me, with smiles and cuddles from the children.
10:00am Head off to drop dear daughter at dance class
12:30pm Nice lunch (not made by me) 
1:00pm Spending a lovely family afternoon by the lake , smiles , sunshine and lovely photographs
5:00pm  Delicious Chinese takeaway for tea & a nice snuggly evening
8:00pm Both children showered and off to bed with no fuss or fighting
8:30pm Sofa, pjs, & devouring Mother’s Day chocolates
10pm Relax in bed with a good book and eventually drift off to sleep in post Mother’s Day bliss
So this sounds wonderful and if I’m honest I don’t think this is too unreasonable, right?
Yea right ……. Ladies and gentlemen I give you:
Reality of my Mother’s Day 
7:40am Alarm wakes me …. Other half remains in bed.
8:00am Arguments begin over who’s making breakfasts, and who wants what to eat …. while I’m trying to get some sort of slap on my face so I look even slightly presentable to face the day. Lovely homemade cards handed to me ….. although no flowers, no chocolates
10:00am Head off to drop dear daughter at dance class
12:30pm Lunch … Crappy sandwich and chocolate bars all round (made by me) followed by housework (Also done by me)
1:00pm More arguments over what we should do this afternoon. The male members of the family want to play Xbox (surprise surprise) where as I want to get some fresh air and make the most of the nice weather, which ends up in a pointless drive around the lake without stopping , so wasting petrol and time
5:00pm No Chinese that I longed for ….. although other half did cook tea (please excuse me while I faint). Evening spent tidying up after the entire box of barbie dolls was tipped all over the house
8:00pm Both children showered …. and in bed …. but whinging that it’s too light outside and they can’t sleep (damn you time change) 
8:30pm Sofa and pjs.  Other half been sent to the shop to buy the chocolate that didn’t appear at all throughout the day.
10:00pm I do plan on crashing into bed with a book …. after a hectic day of pointless arguments , leaving me questioning our ability as a family …. then eventually drifting off to sleep with a feeling of complete and utter defeat.
Mother’s Day 2017 …… Fail!
hgfdsHaha ……. ok, ok so I hope you have managed to see the humour in this post, as although my day didn’t quite pan out how I imagined, and we did all end up annoyed, stressed and arguing with each other, I still feel totally and utterly blessed to have my amazing children in my life. Every day as a mother is a blessing and one that should never be taken for granted, because really in the world of a mother …….. Everyday is Mother’s Day (Mother’s Day to cook, clean & do laundry)

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23 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Madness

  1. Haha such is the life of a mom sadly! Last year my mother’s day was like something like this… spent taping off and painting an unfurnished house we just purchased while entertaining a whiny toddler. I also had a crappy sandwich for lunch, but my daughter and husband did a cute improv mother’s day dance for me because he felt bad for not planning anything lol. Happy mother’s day!

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  2. Haha totally the same in this house. I was up at half 5 other half up at 10. Homemade cards no chocolates, no flowers. Although Dylan did pick me some later in the day which was lovely. All meals including the roast done by me, as well as housework, gardening, baths and bedtime 😂 at least Andrew got to enjoy his mother’s day 😂 xxx

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  3. Happy Mother’s Day! I didn’t realize it was today in the UK; it’s the first Sunday of May here in the US. Thank goodness you have a healthy and (mostly) happy family! 🙂 I think it’s a rare husband that is clued in enough to get us the card and gift and chocolate (or spa gift certificate … etc!) we want. Mine knows I LOVE chocolate, but I’ve only gotten chocolate for one holiday ever from him. Oy. So will your other half get a stellar Father’s Day (i.e. will you show him how it’s done?)??

    I didn’t know the UK does daylight savings time also – what a pain it is, right?! Ours was a few weeks ago, and we miraculously adjusted fine, though that first day is rough!!!

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  4. Kerri

    You have pretty much described every Mother’s Day I have had for the past 8 years. Therefore my expectations were low this year. I was surprised as the Boy did good.

    No lie in, no chocolates, no flowers, to be honest I am not massively fussed about that. I got a lovely card, new mug and 2 new cafeteria’s (a single and a four cup one). There was a general happy lovely vibe around the house and the kids were lovely in their own unique ways. Mother in Law came over for a lovely Sunday Lunch, which the hubby cooked.

    It was simple, but perfect. We’ve been together for a loooong time now and I never thought he would get it ‘right’ but he did. There is hope Kerri. Maybe make Father’s Day like your Mother’s Day??? Although I don’t think you have a bitter bone in your body to do that.

    Loved the post! Keep writing, looking forward to reading more.

    Cherie || My Mama Musings

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