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Easter Break

As I sit here, cup of tea in hand & second day into the new term, I think about how fast this year is passing us by already. April is drawing to a close and a new month beckons. May …. chapter 5 of 12! Easter has bounced past with a spring in its step leaving everyone in a chocolate induced coma & probably feeling very afraid to step on the scales.
With Easter comes 2 weeks of half term. Two weeks of no school run, two weeks of no routine! Yay to no school run …… Boo to lack of routine. I strive on routine and if I’m honest, as much as I love not having to rush around every morning, I have to admit that the lack of routine sends me into a semi anxious state!!

So what did we get up to through the half term? Answer …. not a great deal!
Nothing extravagant, no fancy day trips out, we had a nice quiet two weeks, meeting up with friends, playing football in the park, Easter egg hunting & of course eating waaaay too much chocolate!
Some of the kids after school clubs still ran through the half term ie: swimming, dancing etc,  so we attended those. My daughter attended a dance workshop with 2 dancers from Pineapple Dance Studio, which in her words was “Awesome”.
But the thing I enjoyed most about the Easter break was having both my little people at home with me all day, as much as their bickering and fighting often leaves me reaching for the wine bottle …. I love nothing more than having them both with me.
The Easter bunny didn’t disappoint and the kids had a nice selection of chocolate eggs to enjoy! In fact too many, so I was kind and helped them out by eating one …or two!
We also melted some down and made some little Easter “Crispie Cakes”. This was a great little rainy day activity, which was perfect considering we did have some April showers.
We had a lovely couple of weeks off together, and reality did hit hard Monday morning, as we stumbled our way through the school gates ready for the beginning of another term,  leaving the kids officially on countdown till the next week off at the end of May!
And as sad as I was to send them off to school for the day, and as much as my heart loved seeing their little smiling faces appearing out the school doors at home time, my sanity inside is having a party …………. were finally back to routine!

What did you get up to through the Easter half term? I would love to hear xx



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