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Share The Love

I was recently contacted by the lovely Kimmy over at Frozen Moments Blog to see if I would be interested in a little collaboration with her, and a couple of other ladies from Instagram. She sent me over her ideas. I loved them and instantly agreed to join in and just like that ….. ‘The Share The Love Box’  was created.

What is ‘Share The Love Box’ about?
So it’s basically as simple as it sounds. It’s a pretty little box, filled with goodies that is sent out and passed around the participating ladies, to share a little happiness and maybe brighten someone’s day.  Each time the box is passed on, all you have to do is pick a goodie from the box and write a little message in the notebook provided. Then you send the box onto the next person, adding your own goodies to the box if you wish, although this is optional. The box, once it has done its rounds, will return back to Kimmy and will be ready to send out again for the new month.

Kimmy’s aim with the box was to connect with others on a different level. To make new friendships, and to add a little love back in to our world where there is so much hatred and upset.
Thanks to social media, barely anyone writes letters to each other anymore & pen pals are a thing of the past. The ‘Share The Love Box’ brings that back, back to the old school ways of writing to friends to let them know how you are, what you’ve been up to and share a little piece of your life via pen & paper.

So now you know a little bit about what goes on. Here’s a sneak peek into the box itself.
The box started with Kimmy, she set it all up and posted it onto Aleasha. Once Aleasha had chosen her goodies & written in the book she then forwarded the box to me.

Once the box arrived I was super excited to open it. I unwrapped the packaging and already I could smell the amazing scents coming from the goodies inside!

Inside, everything was enclosed in beautiful tissue paper and on top was an envelope marked with my name. Inside the envelope was a lovely card from Kimmy with a little message for me & the details for me to forward the box onto Paige.
box 5

Once lifting the remaining tissue paper, I was met with an assortment of lovely goodies from the girls, and of course the book.
box 2

Within Kimmy’s note she had informed me that I was welcome to choose a facemask & a Lush bath bomb. I chose a ‘Tropical Cocktail Peel Off Mask’ & ‘The Intergalactic Bath Bomb’.
There was also a little note from Aleasha explaining that I was to choose a Yankee Candle Votive & a mini shower gel. I chose ‘Exotic Fruits Yankee Candle’ & ‘Coconut Cream Shower Gel’
Although the gifts were lovely ( who doesn’t love a treat) the real treat was inside the book. Reading what these ladies had written was by far my favourite part of the box. Each person had taken a little moment out of their day to sit down and write their message in the book for us all to read. For me, this is what has made the ‘Share The Love Experience’ such a success on it’s first trial run. Learning a little more about them all and hearing what they had all been up to, made me smile.
box 4

Once I had written my own message, I packed the book back into the box along with some gifts of my own. Into the box I added a ‘Cath Kidston Lip Balm’ & a ‘Mini Notebook’  for each of the girls. I then posted the box onto Paige ….. along with some love xx

The box has just returned back to Kimmy after it’s first full cycle, and by the feedback received from all of the girls involved, it seems that already it has brought, not only an array of lovely gifts, but also happiness, smiles, love and new friendships ……friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.
I feel honoured to have been asked to be a part of such a lovely & empowering idea with such a wonderful group of girls. If you would like more info on how to ‘Share The Love’ .. contact Kimmy Here
box 3

Thankyou for reading xx




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