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Easter Break

As I sit here, cup of tea in hand & second day into the new term, I think about how fast this year is passing us by already. April is drawing to a close and a new month beckons. May …. chapter 5 of 12! Easter has bounced past with a spring in its step… Continue reading Easter Break

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Mother’s Day Madness

Of all of the gifts life has to offer, nothing quite beats being a mother. So it’s Mother’s Day. A day for all us mummies to put our feet up and relax, a day where all our hard work that we endure on a daily basis can be appreciated, and a day, where for once, we… Continue reading Mother’s Day Madness

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Self Acclaimed Shopkins Addict

A few weeks back,  my 5yr old daughter decided she would like to join the many other children & start collecting the (Slightly Weird) yet wonderful toy craze – “Shopkins”. So after receiving “Star Of The Week” at school,  as a little treat I took her to buy her the start of her collection. Off to the shops we… Continue reading Self Acclaimed Shopkins Addict

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Christmas Eve Traditions

It doesn’t matter how old you are …… Everybody & I mean everybody is entitled to feel excited on Christmas Eve!! Its my favourite day of the year! Yep for me it even beats the big day itself!! As much as I love Christmas Day, I think it’s the excitement that Christmas Eve brings that… Continue reading Christmas Eve Traditions

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If Its Yours ….. Its Mine!

Something I’ve noticed since becoming a mother ….. nothing and I mean nothing is solely your own! Before becoming a parent, pretty much everything you own is yours , unless of course you chose to share it. But once your child hits say …. 12months – nothing is safe! Food: That chocolate bar you’ve been… Continue reading If Its Yours ….. Its Mine!

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The Christmas Tag

With a cup of tea in hand I sat down for a little nosey at the recent posts uploaded by my favourite bloggers, when I came across a cute little Christmas themed Q&A post from the lovely Paige’s Paradise (If you don’t follow her …. you should and can here.) After reading through her answers I decided it would be fun to give… Continue reading The Christmas Tag

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The Chri’stress’ Tree

Picture the scene:   A cold evening in December (okay okay late November 🙊)  The heating is on, there’s a scent of hot chocolate in the air , Christmas songs playing in the background and the family all laughing and smiling while decorating the Christmas tree Sounds lovely right ….. Yea ….. Let’s snap back to… Continue reading The Chri’stress’ Tree