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Find Your Tribe……

As I was growing up I remember hanging around with large groups of people, very rarely would there be just me and one other person. Some days there was such a big group of us, we probably looked rather intimidating as we sat around on village benches all day every day, doing pretty much nothing at all.
At the time, I assumed this to be normal, to have a large group of friends, and I could never imagine not having all these people around me. People who didn’t hang around in these big groups, were considered “loners”.
As time went on , the older we got, the numbers dwindled. People went off to college, got jobs, moved away and started families ….. and now I can honestly say,  that I can count my friends on one hand.
This had never really occurred to me until I was asked to choose 16 friends to spend my birthday with, not a hard task to some, but I will admit,  I struggled.
It’s not that I don’t have 16 people I could have invited, (I’m sure I could of thrown 16 names of people Into the list ) but it was more a case of did I have 16 people that I really, truly want to spend my birthday with?
Answer being …. No.
So has becoming an adult (not that I class myself as a proper adult yet) , but has becoming an adult made me antisocial ? Am I now considered one of those “loners” I used to speak of? Or maybe as I’ve got older, my circle got smaller, my vision got clearer and I now think twice about the people I let into my life and class as my friends. I have become ‘picky’ about who I choose to spend time with.
Is it possible to even have such a large group of ‘true’ friends, or are these people more acquaintances rather than friends? Who knows.
I don’t consider myself an antisocial person, but I would say that I am now 100% more aware of who is genuine , who can be trusted and who I want to spend my time with. There’s a well known saying ‘keep your circle small’ and this is now totally relevant to me, which is funny, as looking back to my 16yr old self I could never even Imagine being content with just 1 or 2 close friends.
Would I swap my small circle that I have now, for the large group I had back then? Never, as although the people I used to call friends gave me some of the best times and I have some amazing memories with these people, less friends = less drama, and less drama = less uncertainty.
So yes, my circle may have decreased in size but it has increased in value and for that alone … I am happy.
Do you have a large circle or a small circle ….. Would love to hear your views xx
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7 thoughts on “Find Your Tribe……

  1. My circle is ever-changing in size because we move a lot, but generally I only have a small number of people I am good friends with. I suppose it is healthy that as adults, our circles become smaller. It shows that we are starting to become comfortable with ourselves and don’t need the constant affirmations of a large group of friends. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a few good friends than a lot of acquaintances!

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  2. We are both the same. Same friends then and now. But I think you don’t need to surround yourself with a huge group of people as long as the people you have around you make you happy and treat you right a handful is all you need xx

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